About Us


Omsco is a co-operative of organic farmers, who came together in 1994 to give consumers a herbicide free, pesticide free, GMO free and antibiotic free option when buying milk and dairy products.

Our first partner those 28 years ago was Yeo Valley who we are proud to still supply today. As the awareness of the benefits of organic has grown, so has our customer base and product mix.

We now provide an array of organic dairy products and ingredients including milk, butter, protein to name but a few. All produced by dedicated farmers who are passionate about producing healthy food from cows looked after to the highest care standards whilst also protecting our natural environment.


The UK's leading organic dairy co-operative – 100% owned and run by farmers and we are 100% organic.

We are 160 farms spread across Great Britain and every farm is different; this is because we work in harmony with nature on our farms and within our local communities.

We believe in producing milk and dairy products in the most sustainable way possible. Organic farming is a traditional farming system, which answers many of the challenges of today around food production, animal welfare and the environment.

We don’t strive to be the biggest. We want to farm for a sustainable future. For us, it is a way of life.